MMag.a Dagmar Fitz

Psychotherapist (Systemic Therapy)

born June 1963 in Vorarlberg

living in Vienna since 2002

since 1998   WORKING EXPERIENCE   in the field of


since 2017    independent work in my own practice in 1130 Vienna

2014-2016    (psychotherapy with groups and individuals) in the psychiatric rehabilitation clinic
                   Bad Schönau in Lower Austria

2013-2014   (psychotherapy with groups and individuals) in the psychiatric clinic
                   Otto-Wagner-Spital,1140 Vienna

2009-2010    clinical internship at the Sozialmedizinisches Zentrum (Geriatrics) Floridsdorf,
                   1210 Vienna

2009-2013 Internship in the outpatient-department of the Lehranstalt für systemische                    Familientherapie,1130 Vienna


2002-2014 of long term unemployed ,as well as handicaped people, jobcoaching, career                   consulting/orientation


1998-2002  high school, youth and adult education in the governmental and non governmental                   sector


1990-1997   Economics degree, University of Innsbruck

2002-2005   Psychotherapeutic propaedeutic, University of Vienna (HOPP)

2009-2013   Psychotherapy degree at the Lehranstalt für Systemische Familientherapie (la:sf),                         Vienna

2009-2014   Degree in Psychology and Philosophy, University of Vienna

2019,2022   Further Education in trauma therapy "Brainspotting" (David Grand),
                  Brainspotting Austria, Wien 14

Personal statement

Originally I studied economics. Along the path of education and training I immersed myself deeper and deeper into the work for and with people. Already during my economical studies my vital interest belonged to questions regarding the possibilities and perspectives of human life.

Thus I decided to change my passion into a vocational occupation in 2009  and I started my vocational training at the Lehranstalt für systemische Psychotherapie, in Vienna, which I finished in February 2013. The same time I started my studies in psychology and philosophy ( finished June 2014) at  the university of Vienna, which I experienced as a helpful resource regarding my psychotherapeutic work.

Besides fundamental questions regarding the perspectives of human  life, my vital interest belongs to questions such as integration-belonging/autonomy -differentiation of human being. I myself
worked in the international field (United Nations) and lived abroad (France,Belgium).

Human being lives  their lifes along the balance of belonging and autonomy. Therefore it is of particular interest to me to support my clients  in their efforts to find or keep this balance in order to live a fulfilling life.